Here is Keyboard Indicator v1.6

With no update since 2010 I thought this is the time for a new release of Keyboard Indicator fixing irritating issues and update the style a bit.

Version 1.6 has an updated default font, colors and icons.
There are 2 major fixes. one is a crash when checking the option to start with Windows. the second is that the notification was not visible in all virtual desktops, for example when using Dexpot.

Go here for the Keyboard Indicator page to download the new version.


Keyboard Indicator 1.6

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  1. Bug Report: The on-screen indicator does not resize as the font size changes (unlike the settings dialog, where the display example does autosize to fit the text).

      1. Actually, not true, Roi.

        I’m referring to the indicator background box itself, which never changes no matter what size the font is… even after you press OK.

    1. Strange. Should auto match the text size.
      Can you show me screenshots of the result messages of multiple sizes?
      If you can for 14px 20px 40px.

  2. I downloaded your 1.6.1 several times on my PC and Norton IS2015 deleted it every time. I then got Norton to add KeyboardIndicator.exe to its OK list. After that, I successfully loaded it on my laptop and it works fine BUT it still gets deleted on my PC [Windows 7 HP] so I can’t load it. Norton are asking for the MD5 and SHA256 but I have no idea what these are or where to find them.
    Can you offer any assistance in getting this to load properly?

    1. Can’t help you why norton is deleting it. I dont use norton.
      md5 and sha256 are checksums. maybe this is how they try to identify threats.
      I used to generate the checksums.

      md5: DEAF423D197A4EA5F33D962706D38A5B
      sha256: 66FC7F066F5674F4E64A28B82BAAAF28177592964C18ACB590C140362078D4E0

      1. I tried to load .Net Framework 2, but eventually the system said “can’t 2.0 load in Vista” even though I’m running Windows 7 – bit odd ! Loaded 4.6 [latest] and the file keyboard exe still deleted as suspect – what to do now?

  3. Hi abdul

    I found it. I thoyght at first you mean a new email.

    Abdul, David,
    Windows Vista and Windows 7 should not require you to install .net framework. Its already there.
    Can you show me a screenshot of the problem?

    1. I cannot attach a screenshot here and cannot email it either as your address is “no reply” – do you have an email address to which I can send it directly? The saga so far: when I first tried to install your, my Norton IS2015 deleted 2 dll files as suspect. I reported a false positive to Norton and they then added those dll’s to their white list. I tried to install again and KeyboardIndicator.exe was deleted as suspect. I reported this to Norton as a false positive and they added that file to their white list. I then installed it on my laptop without a problem and it works well. I have tried multiple times to install it on my pc to no avail, even when the exe file is renamed. The exe file still gets deleted as suspect. I have written to Norton twice more with requested MD5 and SHA56 details, but have not received a reply. Both my computers are 64-bit running Windows 7 Home Premium, yet one installed the program fine and the other refuses to. I am baffled. I asked Norton where to find any hidden files that list the exe so that I can delete it/them – no reply [yet!].

      1. my email is roi dayan at gmail dot com.
        though i can’t help with the norton problem.
        maybe one computer didn’t receive the update from norton database.
        you can try a packer like upx (
        you can use it to compress the exe file but still leave it executable. since it changes the exe file maybe norton will not treat it as a suspect now.

    2. I downloadeded new version and changed its Security settings to have full control.

      Working OK in Admin and Guest profiles.

      Some installers and Standalone having a click-box for “ALL” or me only


  4. I am using Keyboard Indicator v1.6 and it works OK. The only problem I have is that there is no permanent indicator flag for the “Insert” function. The pink flag pops up but only lasts a few seconds, and there is no way to modify the flag to read “Insert On” and “Insert Off” as you can with the “Caps Lock”, “Scroll Lock” & “Num Lock” functions.

    I have the small square Caps, Scroll & Num indicators in the task bar, and they change color for on and off, but I can’t seem to get the “insert” function to add its own indicator to the task bar – how do I do that?

    1. Hi Brian,

      The insert function was not planned to have an indicator.
      Unlike the num/scroll/caps keys which has system wide status to be on/off the the insert key is on/off per application basis.

      1. I wanted this option because MS Word uses the “Ins” key to toggle between “insert text” and “overwrite text”.
        Word is a very widely used program, so is there any chance that a future release of “Keyboard Indicator” will add an indicator for the “Ins” key?

        Or is there another app available that does this?

        1. It won’t be available in Keyboard Indicator. As I said its per application. You need a program that will track the foreground process, check if it’s ms word, check if the instance of word is in insert mode or overwrite mode. and it will work for ms word only as it’s needed to be done per application.

          I’m not familiar with an app that does this. ms word it self has a notification in the bottom right specifying the mode it’s in.

          1. Insert key is in all keyboards in Windows; don’t know about the Mc or else.
            and every body does not use Word; Wordpad is the mostly used in words as it is not part of Office but windows. A simple for rich text plversain text and certain old version of text files. Word for windows 6; Uncode text; and more.

            And “Insert” key is in such a critical position and mostly pressed erroneously.
            And important point is that you had already overwritten lot of text when you feel the problem. It may not be much problem for single-finger typists ( though i feel much).

            It is a requirement I long have been bringing in notice of in feedback to “people asking for a funvtion you feel is not in windows” on their sites.
            You remember that I may be the 1st person to greet you on my 1st visit of your site.

            1. Hi again Adul, I remember 🙂

              I didn’t understand from your comment if you’re in favor of what Brain suggested.
              Though it could be nice the problem is Insert doesn’t have a state. if you press Insert outside of word then you will notice word will not change the edit mode.
              This is why doing what Brain requested is not possible as a generic app.

              Unlike the other functions that support a state and I use Windows API to request the state.

              1. Yes I am in favour . Typing by Windows user will be in window even in web.
                And with your Keyboard. And Insert key is always there unless you take its cap away. and when ever Insert is press once you will be overwriting somewhere.

                I use a simple App for spell check Tinyspell, it always warn me where ever I am typing and corrects the highlighted text to which the drop-down list I click.

                I hope it is clear ( I am the EASL user) English is not my original language.

          2. I’m not familiar with an app that does this. ms word it self has a notification in the bottom right specifying the mode it’s in.

            I’d forgotten about that! However it’s nothing like as prominent as the flag that appears when I’m running your indicator app.

  5. Hello, nice work!
    I was wondering, would it be easy for the Keyboard Indicator to also notify about layout changes, let’s say ENGITA? It would be really helpfull.

        1. Only registry entry is if you chose to start it with Windows. It should give an error of you already deleted the app but you can clean that entry with ccleaner.

  6. Nice program. Simple & Basic

    One small issue.

    New computer equipped with Microsoft Wireless 2000 desktop.(keyboard & Mouse). There are no visual indicators on the keyboard.

    I ran Keyboard Indicator and immediately saw a visual indicator for the CAPSLOCK key only. After toggling the key a few times it disappeared. When I viewed Hidden Icons all three indicators were visible but no activity caused them to reappear in the active tray.

    Took me a few minutes to locate the settings in Windows 10’s WONDERFULL new applet interface. Thought I would add it here for future users.

    RIght click the ^ in the tray. Click on settings. (Taskbar settings opens.)
    Scroll down and click on “Select which icons appear on the task bar”
    Go down the list and enable each indicator as desired.

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