wordpress facebook events widget v1.9.1

To all users using this plugin, the plugin has big changes from v1.1.

It should now work better for fan pages and groups. it is now uses graph api v2.2 with the latest php sdk v4.0.


Get it here:





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WordPress reCaptcha V2 plugin

Add your WordPress websites the reCaptcha V2 using a simple plugin

Get is here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/my-recaptcha/



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AppThemes ClassiPress plugins


I started creating plugins for premium themes by AppThemes.
Currently I have published plugins for ClassiPress only.

Bump Ad, Infinity Scroll, Related Ads, Ribbons, Ad Social.

you can find them all here.

If you’re using a premium theme by AppTheme and need a mod or a plugin then you are welcome to contact me.


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very simple sitemap v1.1

A new release of very simple sitemap plugin for wordpress.

The only change is the addition of an easy way to exclude pages from sitemap.



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facebook events widget for wordpress v1.1.7

A new release of the facebook events widget for wordpress.

Changes since v1.1.4:

  • 1.1.7
    • displaying no events message where there are no events.
  • 1.1.6
    • fix not displaying times for events.
    • added new checkbox for old timestamps.
      if your using an old app id and you notice events from the past then you should mark this.
  • 1.1.5
    • fix parsing events timestamps.


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