TranslateMe released

Change log:

  • Showing some web exception messages nicer
  • Fixed logo anchor on the right
  • Added settings option in the tray icon context menu – requested on the forum
  • Fixed form settings not saved sometimes
  • Code modifications and optimization – not released

  • Fixed saving form size
  • Changed msgbox background color not to be based on Windows theme color and default color is now brighter
  • Check if caught new text when using hotkeys
  • Shortcuts for web browser control. ctrl+c, ctrl+a.
  • Change service logo only after a new query
  • Added settings to change the msgbox back and fore colors
  • Added button to clear the recent searches
  • Fixed timeout exception handling as inner exception of Google api exception
  • Limit exception messages to fixed width
  • Mentioned that the timeout in the settings form is in seconds